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Introducing "Reading, Rhythm, & Readiness," a 5-week extracurricular program at Wishing Well, blending music and movement with skill development. Engage your preschooler in fun activities that enhance fine motor skills, improve pencil/crayon/marker grip, boost scissor-cutting abilities, and build coloring confidence. This creative course also strengthens reading and listening skills through music and dramatic play, ensuring your child enjoys every aspect of their preschool journey!


"Discovery Play" is an exciting, science-based program where your child will explore the wonders of nature and the world around them. They'll wiggle like worms, be amazed by insects, delve into their senses, appreciate animals, and marvel at magnets. As they have fun, they'll learn about forces, changes, buoyancy, and more. Early science skills enhance thinking abilities and help children understand their world. We embark on a thrilling science adventure with your little one!


"Counting on Math" is a playful program that lets your child dive into the world of mathematics through engaging activities and real-life scenarios. Encourage counting, measuring, patterning, and problem-solving as your little one learns money value, shops at the "Wishing Well Classroom Store," and explores graphs using a scale. Make math fun and accessible for your child!


"Stepping into Reading" is a captivating reading program that shows children the magic of embarking on adventures through books. In the preschool years, it's vital to familiarize children with books and print. Using a whole language approach, we'll introduce reading concepts via patterning books and Mother Goose Rhymes. Throughout the program, we'll teach "popcorn" words and word families. After 5 weeks, your child will bring home their very own mini books, celebrating their reading journey.

These 4 classes are one day a week, for 2 1/2 hours. These programs are extra-curricular and are not related to your child's current class enrollment. There will be an additional fee for these programs (fees to be announced). These programs are only available at our Strongsville and Wallings Road locations.